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VACD Students Visit Suton Print in Široki Brijeg

Students of the fourth year and Master program of the Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) study program, accompanied by Asst. Prof. Emir Hambo, MA, had an opportunity to visit Printing House “Suton” in Široki Brijeg on Monday, May 8, 2023. This experience helped students to learn more about the printing process including graphic preparation and other steps leading to the final product, such as choosing the appropriate printing process, selecting the best paper for the given project, using the right binding, etc.

During the welcoming part of the visit, Managing Director of Suton Print, Mr. Ante Suton, told the students his story about the experiences and challenges that he has encountered throughout the company's 30-year-long history. Also, the students had a tour around the manufacturing plant, where they saw first-hand how all the theoretical knowledge is being put into practice. They had an opportunity to get familiar with the printing machines, especially the ones used in offset printing, but also the ones used for the digital printing process. Moreover, the students learned more information about different types of binding, where the hosts demonstrated the finished products and how each product's function and characteristics require a different binding approach.

After the manufacturing plant tour, Mr. Ivan Cigić, Sales and Marketing Manager at Europapier, introduced students to various types of paper available in the company. Students had a chance not only to listen to the presentation, but also go through sample materials and products made out of them.

Besides the vast and useful knowledge they gained, the students also received gifts including paper samples, posters, pens, planners, notebooks, and other materials.