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VACD Organized a Meet-up: Portfolio Review, Elevator Pitch

Within the scope of the Design Studio 2 course led by Asst. Prof. Emir Hambo, Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) study program, organized a meet-up “Portfolio Review, the Elevator Pitch”. The event, which took place on Monday, February 27, 2023, was co-organized with Buck New University and NGO INDI+E.

Design Studio 2 students had the opportunity and honor to present themselves and their artwork to renowned experts in the field of design and visual communication. The first guest was Mr. Lefteris Heretakis, senior lecturer at Buck New University and the founder of the New Art School. Prof. Lefteris is a successful designer and a podcaster at the same time. Through his podcast on design education, he tries to address and contextualize changes in the approach to design education. On behalf of the NGO INDI+E, we hosted Professor Kenan Zekić, who after 15 years in academia decided to start a Non-Governmental Organization “INDI+E Innovation, Design + Education”. Their main goal is development and promotion of art and design, innovation and creative education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prof. Lefteris and Prof. Zekić offered constructive feedback and advice to our students in order to bring them closer to the design industry that awaits them after graduation. Some of the topics and issues discussed in an interactive session between the guests and the students included ways of presenting a portfolio, dealing with criticism, approaching a client and improving critical thinking.