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“Stay humble and work hard in silence - success will be your companion.” - Ahmed Kurdić, IUS Alumni Success Story

Ahmed Kurdić, our alumnus, who graduated from Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design at IUS is currently working at Hedef – a book publishing company in Zenica. Previously he worked as a teacher/professor in Al Amel primary and secondary school in Sarajevo. Moreover, he has been freelancing as a graphic designer and a video editor for many years.

Read his story below!


At high school, and even back at primary school, I was always fond of graphic design and visual arts in general. Hence, my choice was actually quite easy. IUS offered an exceptional balance of practice and theory, which offers an outstanding preparation for your future career in visual arts.

Success is a journey and not a destination, therefore it is important to be on the right path towards self-development. What motivated me to push further is the love for visual arts in general. I believe this job is truly beautiful, we are artists in a world full of jobs that rely heavily on hard work. Visual artists are hardworking as well, however the beauty of freedom of choices, creativity and our own personality make this job exceptionally unique and enjoyable.

Studying at IUS has helped me immensely on my journey. Many notable projects were made during this period, and I am more than grateful for those past years. I have met professors that have great practical knowledge in the field, and that is actually one of the main benefits of studying at IUS. Professors in the field are reputable individuals that have proven themselves as visual artists and their resumes back this up. Students learn directly from people that are great in theory, but much greater in practice and that is extremely valuable for me. Furthermore, you get to widen your network of people, and that can be useful in your future projects and endeavors.

My advice for students would first be practical: get to know the system and get to know the professors. What I mean by getting to know the system is mastering the process of registration of courses. Occasionally, I overlooked this and realized some specific things quite late, and that was one of the reasons why I had to extend my studies for another semester. Nothing extraordinary, but I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone else. Keep your goals in sight and be disciplined! Work daily even if it is only 20-30 minutes of your time. By the end of the semester, you will see guaranteed results and achievements. Being consistent is the key to positive outcomes. Do not hesitate to ask questions no matter how “stupid” you may think they are, as professors rarely hesitate to answer them. Surround yourself with hardworking people. Do not just sit with those that you have fun with, have a set of people that are possibly more experienced than you and motivate you to push yourself to the limit. You are who you hang around with, so stick to those that are exemplary. Get informed, there are great opportunities hidden inside the campus! Stay humble and work hard in silence - success will be your companion.

Failure is the prerequisite for triumph. No one is born an expert, and achieving greatness requires great amounts of failure as well.


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