About FASS

FASS offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts, humanities and social sciences. The Faculty has around 500 local and international students at the moment, and the number is gradually increasing. The Faculty is comprised of a motivated and dynamic academic staff that emphasizes both teaching and research. The teaching staff, composed of professors from different parts of the world, is renowned locally and internationally for its scholarly contributions to various research fields. The academic staff makes use of interactive and holistic teaching methodologies and allocates considerable time and effort to the well-being, upbringing and education of students. Therefore, the focus of all programs at the Faculty is on achieving a balance between the necessary substantive knowledge required for a specific field and the critical intellectual and/or artistic skills necessary for success in the constantly changing and demanding world. Teaching methods include lectures, tutorials and seminars. Suitable equipments and well-qualified technical support are available to augment the teaching activities. The Faculty also organizes lectures, seminars and workshops in order to create an environment suitable for intellectual discussions and to encourage and stimulate local and international collaboration. FASS study programs aim to provide students with professional education in their field of interest, along with a broad selection of courses in various other fields in order to broaden their perspectives. FASS offers the following study programs:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)


Our mission is to promote an advanced interdisciplinary approach to teaching, learning, research and practice in arts, humanities and social sciences by providing students with a useful and holistic education that will inevitably play significant role in preparing them for leadership, social responsibility and the job market.  


Our vision is to integrate holistic teaching, learning and research into every study program by emphasizing the values of engagement, responsibility, and global awareness. We aim to make a contribution to the field of arts, humanities and social sciences. 


  • To design program curricula which integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in teaching, learning and research;
  • To create quality undergraduate and graduate programs by emphasizing student leadership, social responsibility and market needs;
  • To enhance interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches in teaching, learning and research;
  • To inculcate the values of engagement, responsibility, accountability and global awareness in each of the study programs;
  • To produce graduates in all three cycles of study who intend to work in the fields of visual arts, literature, political sciences, cultural studies, sociology, psychology and architecture;
  • To produce independent, communicative, collaborative, creative, critical, problem-solving, caring and ethical graduates;
  • To produce graduates who will strive to enhance multiethnic, multi-religious and multicultural understanding;
  • To support and undertake the necessary steps in improving research and publications in the field of arts, humanities and social sciences in order to improve the quality of education;
  • To establish cooperation with local and international actors in order to promote the development of higher education in the Balkans.